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For most guys the right hairstyle can give self-confidence and satisfaction. Finding your style does however take a little effort, but we’re sure you will see the results are well worth it. As with anything good, communication between you and your stylist is key to getting a great haircut. So before your haircut don’t be afraid to speak to your stylist, explain what your looking for, and benefit from our professional advice. Below we have listed a number of styles and techniques that will help you get your point across to the stylist.

The Pompadour - The Pomp

The Pompadour made a big comeback in 2015 and this trend is continuing through 2016. This look is achieved in a variety of different ways. However the original men’s Pompadour sported by the likes of Elvis Presley was all about keeping the sides and back fairly short which helped contrast with the length on top. The top of the style is usually between 4 and 5 inches and either swept straight back or to the sides.

  1. You will need a hairdryer and good brush to dry the blow dry the hair up and back on a high heat.
  2. Using a good pomade, rub a small amount into the hands and work into hair.
  3. Style as desired either straight back or to the side.
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The Fade

This look is only achievable by those that use a professional to cut their hair. It is a skill to be able to execute this look well and takes practice. So I’m afraid your wife probably won’t do. The fade comes in a variety of different lengths and can be named, High, Low, Top, Temple, or Regular depending on were on the head it has been placed. It involves having the hair on the back and sides of the head gradually tapered until no more is left creating that “faded “ look.

  1. Visit your stylist.
  2. Visit your stylist.
  3. Visit your stylist.

The Undercut

As the name suggests, Undercutting is a look achieved by cutting the sides of the hair short and leaving the top long, making it look like the hair has been cut underneath. There are many different styles that use this technique.

Depending on the style of undercut this look can be easy to maintain.

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The Hard Part

This look can be combined with many of the hairstyles above and involves having the hair parting highlighted by a razored line. Again this is something that should only be attempted by a pro as once its done, its done!

1. Photo shows the hard part combined with a Pomp and Fade.

The Razor Cut

Razor Cutting is a hair cutting process in which sharp razors are used to slice and texturise hair. The stylist gathers the individuals hair and razors the hairs at an angle sliding it down the shaft. It is one of the most effective methods in modern hair cutting and creates a stylish look.
  1. Using American Crew Fiber rub a small amount evenly between the palms before working into the hair.
  2. Distribute evenly through damp or dry hair.
  3. Style as desired.
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Textured and Spikey

Start with a good haircut. Only then, with the help of some professional products, can you achieve this
sort of look.

  1. Place a dollop of firm hold Sculpt in the palm of your hand.
  2. Spread around the palms of your hands.
  3. Apply product from roots to ends evenly, on damp hair.
  4. Pull and mould hair to get the shape, while the product will give you the shine.

Short Sharp Do

Start with a good haircut. Only then, with the help of some professional products, can you achieve this
sort of look.

  1. Start with taking a little American Crew firm hold gel for men, about a 5p size worth, and apply it on towel dried hair. This will give you the control you need to enhance the texture in the hair cut.
  2. Blow-dry it with your hands to achieve the style you want.
  3. After your hair has been put in place, use about a 1p size of American Crew for shine and pliability so that you can keep reshaping the hair throughout the day.
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Long and Lively

Have your hair texturised to remove excess bulk and allow greater movement.

  1. Rub American Crew over your hands and in between your fingers. Get your hands right in to the roots and rake your fingers through whilst squeezing the hair between your fingers. Continue this, pulling hair in any direction you like, until you've sculpted your perfect look.

If you are growing your hair be sure you make regular trips to the salon to keep it in good condition and help you through the more awkward phases. Every six weeks or so should do to keep the back and sides tidy and healthy. If you know the eventual look you are going for, Always use the same stylist so you can work together to realise your desired style.

Tossled Bed Head

Keep the hair healthy buy using a good shampoo and conditioner we recommend American Crew, and by making regular trips to the salon to get rid of those split ends.

  1. Place a dollop of American Crew power paste in your hands, its non sticky texture emulsifies and spreads easily.
  2. Apply product on either dry or damp hair evenly.
  3. Comb the sides and back going over with your hands to get a bit of undone texture.
  4. Work the top with your fingers to get separation, and a modern matt finish with strong moldable texture and a just got up look.
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